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As infrastructure ages, inspection technologies can help prioritize rehabilitation and repairs, extending their useful service life. APPIA's team is ready to help.

The  APPIA Approach

APPIA is a recently formed technology company with the stated mission of bringing emerging technologies to the forefront of pipeline condition assessment. Our company name is inspired by the first aqueduct the Romans built in 312 BC, Aqua Appia, and it is a testament to how engineering ingenuity can reliably improve our community's quality of life.


By combining advances in inspection technologies with a professional project management team, APPIA makes condition assessment accessible to all large diameter pipeline owners and operators. 

Internal EM tool.png

PCCP Inspections of Broken Wires

Laser Imaging.png

Internal Laser Mapping of Pipelines and Tunnels

CCTV 2.png

AI Enhanced CCTV Camera Systems

External EM tool.png

External Validations for PCCP Wire Breaks


APPIA's Oracle
Free-swimming solutions

The  APPIA Inspection Process

Project Flow FINAL FINAL.jpg

Our Story

Started by a team of four inspection professionals, APPIA aims to deliver the industry's most reliable inspection data. Our inspection tools utilize both established and emerging technologies to assess large diameter pipelines. 

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